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Life Insurance will always be an important part of my agency. It provides for those ‘what if’ moments. It can be used as an investment, help a business survive a key man loss, and can secure loans. Life insurance is a remarkable tool that is able to bridge generations and create a dynasty for your family. I have seen term policies for the price of a pizza. The most expensive life insurance policy is the one that isn't purchased. What is your legacy?

More About Life Insurance

There are two types of life insurance: There is a permanent policy and a temporary policy. Both are tools, they can be good tools and they can be bad depending on what your needs are. Both have features that can be very useful in situations. For example, a permanent policy can build cash value that you can collect at a later date while you are still living. A 10-year temporary policy can be inexpensive and used to handle a short term buy-sell agreement.

There are some critical questions that are asked, the first one is what would happen to my loved ones if you were out of the picture today? Will they have to sell valuables to take care of my remains, or can they keep my grandmother’s engagement band to pass on to their kids? Will my partner have to get a second job to keep the house? If you ask yourself or your partner these questions and don’t like the answer then let me see if I can fix it while it is correctable.

Matt's Life Insurance Story

Life Insurance is something that my agency is very passionate about. Throughout my life, I have had a journey with Life Insurance.

In my 20s, I had a very large policy when I went to Desert Storm. I was Infantry and there is not a huge life expectancy for an infantry soldier. I loved my wife and wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t have to worry if I didn’t come home. This allowed me to focus on my job.

I also had a small amount of money that was given by my father’s estate when he passed when I was 22 after battling cancer for several years. Thanks to his foresight, his bills were taken care of, the funeral was arranged and his wife was taken care of. After his death, he had an estate that was able to still provide.

In my 30s, I had several policies through work. I now have a family of my own to look out for. I have a couple of health issues that I picked up along the way and now I am improving them by diet and exercise.

In my 40s, I am starting to have more friends pass. Some with kids and some without, all of them have had people that loved them. It breaks my heart to watch their loved ones struggle with the hole that they left in their passing. I have seen parties, passing the hat, and PayPal donor accounts to scrape together the basics. I would rather spend the 20 to 30 minutes to help my friends set up a ‘what if’ policy for their loved ones than spend 20 days scrambling to find the money to cremate the remains. What will be your final gift to your loved ones?

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