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Yes, there are many ways to insure your property. With the wildfires, mudslides and all the fury that mother nature can throw at us. If you are a renter then get a renter’s policy as they are inexpensive and most landlords will not replace your stuff in the event of theft or fire. A well written policy can save you grief. One of my early clients had an older house in Wenatchee with a basement and I asked if he wanted coverage to cover backed up pipes. A year later, he was thanking me for that conversation as the sewer backed up and flooded his basement. Taking the time to have a conversation can save you money in the long term.


Full Coverage?

When I have a new customer ask me for "full coverage", it is hard not to cringe. "Full coverage" is a marketing term dreamed up by slick salesmen. Your full coverage is going to be different than Bill Gates' full coverage. It is my job to provide information so you know how you are covered, but more importantly, how you are NOT covered. I would rather lose the sale being an advisor than gain one from being a ‘sales’ guy.

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