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Car Insurance

Get the one-on-one service of having your own insurance agent and the discounts that come from the second largest insurer in the state!

While we welcome drivers with clear records, the Matt McColm Agency is about insurance not about judgment. We do SR22s, first time insured, DUIs or other difficult cases. We explain how you are covered and more importantly how you are not covered.

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With insurance you have a degree of protection you may not have considered if you do get in an accident; that protection is legal defense that is bought and paid for with your insurance policy. You can also have access to medical on your policy if you choose coverage.

The Truth About Car Insurance

When I have a new customer ask me for ‘full coverage’, it is hard not to cringe. ‘Full coverage’ is an inaccurate insurance marketing term. Your 'full coverage' is going to be different than Bill Gates' 'full coverage'. It tells me the customer has not had an active role in setting their limits. It is my job to provide information so that the client can protect themselves and their family. I would rather lose the sale being an advisor than gain one from being a ‘sales’ guy.

What limit should I have?

It depends. If you are sued in Washington State they can garnish your wages 25% of your weekly earnings, your primary residence if equity exceeds $125,000, personal auto if equity exceeds $2500, and of course liquid assets and personal property. If you have anything of value, like having things of value or plan on having anything of value in the future then you have two courses of action:

1. Have enough money that it really doesn’t matter what can be seized from you and your estate.

2. Buy some insurance, an Umbrella policy if you have some assets that you like having or need protected.

If you feel as if minimum coverage is enough then be aware in 2006-2007 ~ 7% of liability awards were $1,000,000 or more. The average vehicle liability award for Washington State in 2007 was over $470,000. The reason that these statistics are a few years old is that it takes a while for the courts to catch up with judgments. There are plenty of reasons to get more than the legal minimums of coverage.

I would rather you walk out of my office with a minimum policy that you can afford than a policy that you cannot afford. Washington’s financial responsibility law requires uninsured drivers and vehicle owners to be responsible for collision damages. Despite the laws, at least 20% of drivers in Washington State are driving without insurance. It is why I highly recommend adding uninsured/underinsured motorist as it is usually relatively inexpensive and helps you and your family against people who are driving without or are underinsured.

Motorcycle Insurance

The state doesn’t require proof of motorcycle insurance; however it is still smart to get it as you are still financially responsible for damages. When partnered up with other policies for discounts, a motorcycle policy can be very inexpensive and it gives you a degree of protection above and beyond your riding gear: If you do get in an accident you have the legal defense that is bought and paid for with your insurance policy. You can also have the option of medical coverage if you so choose.

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